Get Blogging!

Have you always wondered what the hype is about blogging? Well, stop wondering and come learn how blogging has transformed student learning and professional development. In this session, participants will start their own blog, and learn how to utilize and manage it with students. We'll also learn how to maximize student learning beyond the basics! For Professional Staff Only.

Enduring Understandings:
Participants will understand the history of blogging and how it relates to current usage.
Participants will learn the importance of the design and revision process for their blogs in terms of pedagogical effectiveness in the classroom.

Essential Questions:
What are the capabilities of a blog?
How can a blog be used as a vehicle for engaging each student in the classroom?

Knowledge and Skills:
Participants will be able to create a blog for their students.
Participants will explore the pedagogical possibilities of blogs.
Participants will understand the power of adding Web 2.0 tools to their blogs.

Assessment Evidence/Instruments:

Learning Activities:
Navigation of Get Blogging! Wiki
Wiki Discussion
Creating of Blogs

Required Materials/Resources
Technology Workshops Wiki

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Workshop Navigation

What are the capabilities of a blog?

1. Take this pre-test Test Your Knowledge; Ask Questions
2. Wikipedia Entry on Blogs Information on Blogs
3. "What Exactly is a Blog, Anyway?" Research on Blogs
4. "Blogging to Learn" by Anne Bartlett Brag Research on Blogs
5. Blogging in Plain English YouTube Clip on Blogs
6. IT Literature Review: Weblogs in Education** Research on Blogs
7. Blogger Blog Site
8. Edublogs Blog Site
9. 21 Classes Blog Site
10. Edublogs Wikipedia Entry** Information on Edublogs

How can a blog be used as a vehicle for engaging each student in the classroom?

11. Create an Edublog Hands-On: Create a Blog
12. Responsible Blogging Lesson Plan Responsible Lesson Planning
13. Teacher Magazine Blog Sample Blog
14. Cover It Live: Live Blogging 2.0** Blog Site
15. EdBlogger Praxis Blog Site
16. Cool Tools for Cool Teaching: Blogs Blog Site
17. "Blogging in Education" on YouTube YouTube Clip on Blogs
18. Google's Blogsearch Blog Search Engine
19. Class Blogmeister: Learning as Conversation** Research on Blogs
20. Teach For America Blogs** Sample Blogs from Teach For America
21. Teacher Lingo** Information Site
22. Mister Fritz's EduBlog Sample Blog
23. Web 2.0 Tool: Pownce Add Web 2.0 Tools to Your Site
24. Web 2.0 Tool: RSS Feeds Add Web 2.0 Tools to Your Site
25. Further Exploration: Blog Wiki
26. Take this post test