Working on a Wiki 1

Have you used Wikipedia? Then you've read a wiki! Come learn how to ignite your lessons with the new concept of Wikis in education. The use of Wikis represent one of the new trends in student learning. Participants will be introduced to the Web 2.0 while exploring wikis out on the web. Participants will create their own classroom wiki while collaborating on ideas for classroom infusion. For Professional Staff Only.

Enduring Understandings:
Participants will understand the capabilities of a wiki.
Participants will understand how a wiki can enhance the educational experience for students.

Essential Questions:
What are the capabilities of a wiki?
How can a wiki be used to enhance the learning experience for students?

Knowledge and Skills:
Participants will be able to create a wiki for their students.
Participants will explore the pedagogical possibilities of wikis. Participants will understand the power of adding Web 2.0 tools to their wikis.

Assessment Evidence/Instruments:

Learning Activities:
Navigation of Working on a Wiki 1 Wiki
Wiki Discussion

Creation of Wiki

Required Materials/Resources:
Technology Workshops Wiki

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Workshop Navigation

Essential Question: What are the capabilities of a wiki?
2.EdTechLive The Use of Wikis in Education
3.Steve Hargadon's Blog Exploring Wikis in Education with Vicki Davis and Adam Frey
4..Jimmy Wales and the Beginning of Wikipedia Video
5.Webinar on How to Use a Wiki

4. Wikis in Plain English

5. Wiki While You Work The Basics of Wikis
6. Wiki While You Work Follow Up on Wikispaces
8.PBWiki How-To Video Official Site:
10.Examples of Educational Wikis

Essential Question: How can a wiki be used to enhance the learning experience for students?11.
12. Wiki Tutorial and Guides
13. WikiMatrix Comparison of Wikispaces and PBWiki
14.Interview on The State of Wikis in Education
15. WikiVideoLibrary
16. Resources on Wikis (Includes Rubrics)
17. Sample Lesson Plan on Script Writing With a Wiki
18. Using Wikis in Schools (A Case Study)
19.Tim Fredrick's ELA Teaching Wiki (A sample of a wiki used in an English classroom)
20. Sharing Wikis in Education (A non-profit for teachers to share and to create wikis)

21.Ad-Free Wiki Through Wet Paint
22. How We Use Wikis in Class
23.Wikispaces is giving away 100,000 free wikis to R~12 educators at
24. Teaching Tips Wikis in the Classroom

25.Get Wild About Wikis